Unified Communications Saves Lives

3CX contact List

When patients at the Expat Clinic in Cebu, Philippines need to call a nurse, they click on a web page to connect immediately. They can call or text the nurses, indicating what’s wrong and how urgent it is. Nurses can respond rapidly with the needed equipment to critical needs, contacting a doctor if required. Or they can prioritize the call if the patient simply needs to have the lunch tray picked up.

It’s a huge time saver regardless of the level of need. Prompt attention to urgent patient care can save lives.

Hospitals and healthcare providers all over the world are using web technologies like 3CX to improve care. The flow of information with electronic health records transfers is rapid and can be calibrated to the specific needs of patients. With the right information available whenever they need it, doctors are using video conferencing to consult on treatment and procedures.

Improved unified communications technology, which includes presence indicators that show if a person is available or busy or not online have put an end to interruptions.

Contacting patients at their homes has become simpler too, as caregivers just click on the patient’s name on their screens to reach them anywhere, without wasting time hunting for telephone numbers. And the detailed call records generated by unified communications simplify compliance with regulations, so that doctors or nurses can show that they called and even include what the call was about.

Even patient registration  is made easy with 3CX. Clinics can collect multiple patient calls at one time and sort them based on priority. Patients can leave voice messages which are transcribed directly into registration records. Doctors can add health information from audio recordings directly into patient charts.

3CX provides a single portable extension that enables healthcare professionals to be reached on their office extensions anywhere they go. 3CX also cuts healthcare phone costs by routing calls over the data network.

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