MD Telemedicine Collaboration Solution

CENSON® MD Telemedicine is a patient focused, collaboration solution for physicians and health care workers that is designed to be secure, and easy to use.

By providing access to patient records from multiple sources, CENSON® MD Telemedicine provides clinicians with the ability to care for patients remotely and effectively.

Extending the reach of care beyond the physically possible using video and secure messaging is now possible. Reduce the need for specialist equipment by using smart phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops and eliminate pagers and other proprietary tools.

CENSON® MD Telemedicine provides access to patient data in real-time

Using simple web interfaces CENSON® MD Telemedicine provides access to patient data in real-time, and access to scheduling and administrative tasks. Now better patient care, physician decision making, and collaboration are available no matter where the patient is located.

  • HIPAA-compliant HD video, voice, chat, SMS, email, and fax
  • Enable virtual care and telehealth deployments
  • Securely engage with patients
  • Lower delivery costs while increasing speed of care
  • Web portal and tablet app

CENSON®MD Telemedicine allows the physician to design a clinical workflow, or to use existing workflows designed by doctors collaborating. The workflow is processed by the patient on a user-friendly tablet app, according to a defined schedule. With the user-friendly tablet optimized app:

  • Instructions are provided
  • Diagnostic questions are answered
  • Vitals signs are monitored
  • Video consultation can be established
  • All data recorded in the app are instantly available to clinicians on the CENSON® MD Telemedicine web portal.

Telemedicine and e-health is proven to make a positive difference in patients quality of life. Our solution enables remote patient monitoring and engage patients in their own health and well being.

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