RX Pharmacy Solutions

CENSON® RX Pharmacy Solutions provides the tools required to connect, manage and monitor electronic prescription transactions between healthcare partners, (such as Physician, Clinic, Point Of Care vendor, Hospital, Chain Pharmacies). This cost-effective and secure solution not only allows the transfer of of electronic prescription data, but it provides management of their pharmacy.

Prescribers can receive on-screen prompts for drug-specific dosage information, with reminders to ensure that look-alikes and sound-alikes are not confused.

  • Vital patient-specific information, such as overdose warnings, drug interactions, and allergy alerts, can be presented in the course of prescribing, so that potential ADEs that would otherwise go unrecognized can easily be avoided.

Automatic flagging pre-existing medical conditions or concurrent medications that would preclude use of certain drugs in individual patients.

  • Electronic prescribing can expedite refill requests, once patients are entered into the system.
  • data exchange to enhance teamwork between clinicians and professionals who represent other parts of the medication management system, such as pharmacists in retail, hospital, and online environments; pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs); and health plans.

Seamlessly integrates with CENSON® HEALTH and CENSON® PRACTICE management systems.

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