AXELOR is a complete ERP and CRM product covering all functional obligations of a modern enterprise. Realize strategic goals with one application across the company; hundreds of features within the tightly integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and secure Document Management System (DMS) to suit your business.

Waste no time developing proprietary spreadsheets and charts, which are neither scalable nor user-friendly. CENSON® has tools to help you with configuration of reports, dashboards and KPIs; just process and print.

How will your company benefit from Axelor ?

Companies must always be more reactive, to face harsher competition. Avoid long and costly developments : your ERP will instantly adjust to the evolution and growth of your business.
With the help of the BPM platform, you are able to create and modify your business apps in a few clicks, without any development.

Higher sales and loyal customers

The integrated CRM cover the whole cycle, from management to customer relationship. Attract more prospects, monitor your opportunities, centralize all data and manage customer relationship from one single tool.

Manage your marketing campaigns

Draws on your database of customers and leads, generate customized emails and send them directly from the application.
Monitor the effects of your emailing campaigns through inserted trackers.
There’s no need for a routing provider anymore.

Efficient production planning

Create nomenclatures by product model, set charging stations, manage stocks, automatically calculate your needs and visualize your machine load in advance. You get full control and instant visibility on your production.

Accurately manage your stocks and your orders

Enjoy real-time stocks management, set minimum stock rules and avoid ruptures. The tool also manages the inventories.
Efficiently manage your purchases, create suppliers requests, place orders and follow delivery.

A simple tool for an automated billing

Create invoices in one click from a delivery order, a quote or a project.
You can directly generate your invoices in PDF and then send it via email from the ERP.

Monitoring and optimization of financial performance

Integrated accounting and reporting to monitor your financial performance, and make running your business easier.

Integrated HR apps to manage human resources

Make managing human resources easier, and lower your operating costs. Easily manage all expense claims, travel costs, timesheets, leave requests, and more.

Validate in few clicks leave requests, timesheets and expense account

Get an accurate and visual monitoring of the validation process of your employees leave requests. Automate the entry of expense account and reduce costs through accelerated entry by pre-filling time sheets from tasks.

Strengthened teamwork

With the integrated social network, all teams can instantly communicate through the ERP. Users can share comments on items generated by the application, at all times.

Benefit from an integrated electronic document management and project management application.

Simply « drag & drop » documents in the ERP, you can also download all documents from the application, even in bulk, to your computer.
The project management module allows you to follow the progress of your task-by-task projects, through the planning viewing available in few clicks.


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