Distribution Management

AXELOR - Best ERP Solution for Wholesale Distributors

AXELOR ERP for Distributors

Today, the profile of a wholesale distributor suffers fundamental change due to the rapid advances in technology and increased connectivity in the global economy. Traditional wholesale distributors are looking for a new ways to add value in order to improve customer retention. In doing so, they are searching for optimum software solutions, customized to their specific business needs, that will help them achieve strategic business goals and keep their profit margins stable.

Our Retail and SCM solution is packed with benchmark features of the retail industry, specially catering to the needs of: Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Mini Markets, FMCG companies, Wholesalers & Distributors, Apparel Outlets, Convenience stores, Department stores, Large Retail Chains, Tech outlets, and much more… 



  •   Minimum stock levels 
  •   JIT delivery of products to the distribution centers 
  •   Inventory control in multiple warehouses 
  •   Managing perishable goods 
  •   Replenishment alerts and buffer stock management 
  •   Automatic pick-list and put-away list generation 
  •   Integration with data acquisition systems such as bar code scanners 
  •   Integration with third party applications such as vehicle management systems 
  •   Inventory reconciliation and valuation 
  •   Ability to manage thousands of SKUs 
  •   Timely release of purchase / replenish work orders 
  •   Timely order fulfillment at each distribution center 
  •   Timely & efficient distribution of stock to retail outlets 
  •   Monitoring the transportation and logistics operations 
  •   Assigning of products and quality to each location in relevant sections within the supermarket to ensure maximum exposure of the product to the customer 
  •   Management of supermarket stock, both at the shelves and at the store warehouse 
  •   Integration with POS system and cash registers 
  •   Generation of retail-store replenishment list 
  •   Management of customer loyalty schemes, special pricing and discounts schemas for special customers and customer groups 
  •   Dissemination of information regarding campaigns, discounts and offers to customers in the form of letters, emails and SMS


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