Business Process Management

Easily create your business apps without any development

AXELOR Business Process Management


Put an end to custom developments

Easily create or modify your process-oriented business apps in a few clicks, without any coding, with a simple “drag-and-drop”. Simply describe what you need : the BPM platform will take care of everything, and automatically generate your app.


Gain more flexibility and reactivity

Companies must always become more reactive to face harsher competition and changing environments. Be agile : adapt your applications and processes to the evolution of your business needs, immediately provide your users with an app perfectly suited to their needs, and receive instant feedback.


Save time and money

No more wasted time and money on costly custom developments: even configurations, reduced to a minimum, are easier and faster than traditional BPM/RAD. The result : high productivity gains, and instant ROI.

The BPM platform puts an end to custom developments! Based on an innovative technical architecture, this solution allows you to create or graphically modify all business apps, in just a few clicks.

Cloud and responsive, the BPM platform follows you on smartphones and tablets.


A complete and powerful tool

Manage all data, user interfaces, business processes, automatic actions and associated events, reports and graphs, imports and access rights, from one single intuitive tool.


Save time on your projects

Uniquely easy to use and fast to set up, thanks to the implication of functional users in the technical implementation.


Mobile and safe cloud apps

Easily create responsive web apps, and choose whether to exploit them in the Cloud or not.
Avoid anomaly risks related to specific coding, and make the maintenance of your solution easier.


Running your business becomes easier

Choose the most relevant information, easily add filters or create reports and graphs on all data and objects. You then have access to business indicators and usage statistics for your apps.