Track your budget and cash flow evolution in real time


Track your cash flow and budget in real time

With AXELOR ERP you can enter your budget and cash flow forecasts and keep them in thorough control. You benefit from a better visibility on your cash flow, making it easier to take decisions thanks to relevant and detailed information, updated in real time.


Link your sales and purchases forecasts

You can manage your forecasts by company and/or bank, as well as the periodicity of the budget and the cash flow.
Save time by typing only once. The application will then automatically follow the budget for you, over the period you have set beforehand.


Create custom reports and graphics

From your forecasts, choose your criteria and parameters : the application generates reports and graphs allowing you to follow the evolution of several indicators, such as sales and expenses forecasts, as well as the margin. You will have all the tools at your disposal to better manage your activity.